Leslie Knope, my alter ego. My only disagreement with her is that I’m actually more of a pancakes kind of person.

You can’t know me without knowing that I love media. The realm of media is my favorite conversation starter, my chosen pastime, my preferred procrastination method, and the crux of my conversations. Whether it’s film, television, books, articles, listicles, gifs, memes, advertisements, dictionaries, thesauruses, or pop culture, I am a fan. I could spend all day–although I promise I don’t–quoting Netflix stand-up comedy specials, relating to the likes of Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope, rereading Jane Eyre, theorizing about Marvel installments, discussing the evolution of romantic comedies over a podcast (see my romantic comedies section), or sending The Office gifs to my friends. I’ve organized all of the entertainment-related content into this section of my blog in an attempt to compartmentalize this great love. Also, if you’re curious about my own social media profiles–the only media I’m not as crazy about–you can check out the links below!